My work is an expression of the real and imaginary realities of the living space. The capturing of pictorial, colored forms, symbols, figures and different materials shape my style and show the examination of the levels of human ethics and their interplay. If one is open to responding and appreciating what is revealed, it becomes a multitude of things.

Giving surprises, sometimes even messages…or revelations.

For me, painting means emotion, spontaneity, energy, a constant interplay between intuitive action and observation, between dynamism and calm, between agitation and serenity, meditative action and a scratching of the seal on the unconscious, a sometimes externally stimulated sinking into the inner universe.

SMAL RED STRIPE                    Acryl, canvas, 2020, 80x80 cm

CAUGHT IN BLUE                Acryl, canvas, 2020, 100x80 cm

WHITE CONNECTION            Acryl, canvas, 2020, 100x100 cm

WHITE  SPARK                  Acryl, canvas, 2020, 100x100 cm

YELLOW GROUND                    Acryl, canvas, 2020, 80x80 cm

BRIGHTSIDE                  Acryl, canvas, 2020, 100x80 cm

OVERGROWN                 Acryl, canvas, 2020, 100x80 cm

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