OLIVES MAGIC                   Acryl, canvas, 2020, 80x80 cm

SPARK JUMP                    Acryl, canvas, 2020, 80x80 cm

BROWN SPECTRUM                   Acryl, canvas, 2020, 100x80 cm

WHITE ENCOUNTER                   Acryl, canvas, 2020, 80x80 cm

“Travel educates” is a common saying. That makes the foreign to experience the near is often easier to understand. 

It all started with a one-way ticket to Australia, which I have Booked month in advance. I started in Australia, 

saw Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin - in the camper I put 20,000 kilometers in two Months back. 

It went on to some South Sea islands like Cook Island, Fiji or Samoa to Hawaii, then to Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, 

El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico and Vietnam. I was able to experience so much-DIVE IN and let me drift


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